Getting additional help

How do I learn more about your service?

If you've found this page, you're probably looking for additional help. If you have given our website a good once-through and still have questions, the best way to reach us is by completing our contact form with details on what you need help with or utilize our text chat in the bottom right corner of our website.

Our mission is to provide Western Canada with reliable and affordable internet services, but we do not want to do it in a traditional way. Internet access does not need to be complicated; our model is to put our customers in charge – they know what they want – Babbl will provide a simple solution for them to get it and pay less.

  • No contracts (go month-to-month)
  • No long wait times to get your internet connected
  • No complicated terms and promotions
  • No gotcha's with unexpected fees
  • No dealing with pushy sales agents