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Using a third-party ISP

What is a third-party ISP?

Babbl is a third-party ISP. So what exactly does that mean?

A while back, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) mandated that telephone and cable companies sell access to their networks to independent Internet service providers (ISPs) at regulated wholesale prices. The intention is to allow other smaller third-party ISP's to enter the market to offer consumers more choice and increase competition.

Babbl Communications is one such third-party ISP offering Babbl Internet as another option for its customers.

The third-party ISP model is based on new providers purchasing access to the last-mile networks of the incumbent ISP and selling a competitive service under a different brand.

The Third-Party ISP (that’s us) is then responsible for branding, marketing, provisioning services, billing, and operational logistics such as supply chain, network, and customer experience.

The result is that Babbl buys access to the wiring that has existed for years in your neighbourhood, and then creates its own connection to the Internet. Our customers get the benefit of dealing with a small, Western Canadian company that can provide a robust internet experience at a lower price.

If you're interested in switching to a well-priced easier solution, please provide us with a way to contact you and we will keep you posted as we launch our services.